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A regular chronicle of the life, history, and the future, of the unique community of Laguna Woods Village, and surrounding areas of southern Orange County, California, U.S.A.
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We proudly reject ALL real estate
Too many good community newspapers
have been ruined by their influence
...not to mention their threat to the
preservation of our particular village's
longterm lifestyle.

  The PRIMARY purpose of this online newspaper is the
continuing elevation of the incredible community of
Laguna Woods Village.

  We plan to contribute to that goal by providing a
perpetual source for the actual facts behind the operation of
the management company, entrusted by the resident-
controlled mutual corporate boards, to protect and enhance
the unique lifestyle which has blossomed here over fifty

 This Village became a reality from the vision of a man who
found the perfect expression, from his lengthy experience,
of an ideal lifestyle of happiness and contentment that can
be possible late in life, beyond the surface benefits of
economic enterprise. And that didn't even,  couldn't even,
have included the true unanticipated treasure of life here---
which arose from the arrival of so many of the same era
(like the Baby Boomers)--- numerous new friends

We pledge to offer as much information, as is legally
possible to acquire, about the questions that continually
threaten to undermine the promise of the life existing here
that we have chosen to embrace.

We have all found, at this amazingly perfect point in our
lives, at the perfect time in history, the perfect location to
share the last decades of our lives with like neighbors,
surrounded by the amenities well-earned, and certainly paid
for monthly, enhanced by the final friendships of our lives,
with an unspoken guarantee that we will be surely missed
and remembered by those friendships we leave behind when
we are gone.

Read the "Village American News" in the coming months
ahead to learn the answers to the myriad questions that
have had residents wondering for years, like:

Why are major Village projects always behind
schedule…and how does that cost us?
Why do so many directors on our governing boards come
and go in the village, with fleeting residencies in a
community where the majority have made commitments for
the rest of our lives?
Why are companies, that we have been told no longer
control our needs, still involved with so many things that we
do, and which are controlled by people that  continue to
maintain decades-old connections with the same companies?
What is the story with the different vending suppliers we
have chosen to contract with?
How much do we really pay for equipment and labor
compared to normal market rates?
Why do so many board decisions still seemingly ignore
conspicuous village resident opinions when they pass
certain measures?
Why does a reportedly nonprofit corporation representing
the residents, apparently now prioritize chargeable services,
wherever possible, against the very people paying for those
services by way of their monthly assessments...and salaries?!
Why has no one been made accountable for the incredible
project abuses that have taken place here in recent years,
-  The duplication of the Aliso Creek bridge project
-  The lawn bowling court debacle
-  The curious CH 2 renovations still necessary after
spending $7 mil (which apparently became $10 mil!)
-  Or the plans for the SAME $7 mil AMOUNT TO BE
the questionable entertainment coordination planned for it.

 Who and what are the lucrative village enterprises with
multi-year contracts like Broadband Services, West Coast
Internet, the 19 Restaurant and the plethora of long-
associated local contractors in this area (and elsewhere)?

  Why do they always compare our pricing in the Village to
similar prices in the area ( for labor, clubroom room rates,
restaurant prices, GOLF, etc,), when we should be an
island, an oasis, unto ourselves by virtue of the $8 mil we
pay monthly to bring us special privileges AND prices?!

...So expect continuing answers to these and every question
pertaining to the preservation of this treasure of life here, as
thoroughly as we possibly can.

                      Thanks for reading!

ANYTIME…others on approval for relevance.

You will NEVER see an advertisement in this newspaper
from a local, or ANY business, which you can't trust. Too
many have feasted on the lush opportunities of geriatric life
here for too long. We intend to invite, promote and
celebrate the ones that haven’t.
The raging garage fire on Despacio in Gate 11 in Oct was dispatched quickly due to the
diligence of local OCFire stations 22 and 222, assisted by the officers of Laguna Woods
{below) The annual Laguna Woods Village Games, (almost lost and revised six months
late by the new VMS Recreation Department)  began with a new-this-year Opening
Ceremonies at Clubhouse 2, despite spotty support by some clubs whose promotional
tables remained vacant.