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GRFs powerful Community Action Committee is
knocking the pickleball question around again.

This time, after years of feigning interest in seriously
improving the dangerous conditions of the current
courts, new courts may soon be on the horizon, no
matter how they may fall short of supporter

After all of the geotechnical and scientific
disclosures, four different plans are being considered.

The new courts will be constructed across the street
from their current location at the golf course.

The new courts will either be created in the parcel
set aside on Moulton diagonally opposite from
Clubhouse 7 or arranged around and in two courts in
the tennis complex along the west side of the driving
Complete Coverage                                                                                   Village American News photo
Reflective of the current fire conditions throughout southern California, engines from three local companies,
Stations 22, 222, and 119 responded quickly Monday afternoon July 9 to the scene of a village manor under
renovation off of Paseo del Lago East. Firefighters had the incident under control in minutes.
United Not Quite as
Board Directors
Present Proposed
Changes to Members
United residents have until
September 27 to determine their
answers to the questions
contained in the ballots they
received in the mail.
Although most changes to the
by-laws are described as routine
made necessary to update the
documents as time goes by, two
points in particular are causing
many to give a second thought
before giving the tacit approval the
directors usually expect with the
decisions that they promote.
The first has to do with the
ownership of a manor if the  
resident member passes away
The Mutual Corporation's
By Laws Said to Be in
Need of Legal Updates
You will NEVER see an advertisement in the "Village American News" from a company that
you can't trust. Many in this area have feasted far too long on the lush harvest of trusting
residents in the community of Laguna Woods Village.
                                                                           Village American News photo
The United Board enjoyed a good crowd for a while Tue July 10 in the
new state-of-the-art board room replete with the highest end
electronics carefully monitored each meeting by VMS Information Tech
Director Chuck Howland.
The proposed change would
require anyone under 55
inheriting the membership in the
mutual to sell within a certain

The second and most
controversial point would require
anyone inheriting a manor above
55 years of age to still qualify
financially, as if they were
entering the village anew
regardless of the time they may
have lived here already.
The question is so important that
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The latter choice has received the most criticism from
the tennis club members concerned that collaboration
of the sports on their courts may jeopardize the club.s
important national tournament venue status.

Over the previous years the committee’s involvement
with lawn bowling club has resulted in the loss of one
of two courts at present and the lawn bowling club’s
once-renowned national tournament status.

An oversize crowd of interested players from both
clubs is expected to attend the Thu morning CAC
meeting to voice their concerns. --teb

                                                 See more on Page 15
BULLETIN: July 13 Thu 11:00 a.m.
The GRF Community Action Committee voted 6-3, as expected, in favor of the pickleball
court expansion plan devised and promoted by staff as the most efficient, economical and
cost effective approach, in spite of the elegant appeals made by the respective racket club
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